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If the paradise was on earth, it would certainly be in Narvik. Often in the shadow of the bigger closest city, Tromsø, Narvik has nothing to envy to its big sister. The city condenses every single joyful element that anyone would like to enjoy during one's trip to Northern Norway.

Narvik is a hidden gem in the strong increase of tourism above the arctic circle and allows more affordable accommodation and living. Here is our top 10 winter activities in the area:

1. Skiing. In all its forms, alpine, cross-country, touring. Narvik offers a skiing paradise to those who enjoy it. We can recommend great places if you wish. The ski station, Narvikfjellet is one of the most majestic ones in Norway and offers you to rent alpine, touring skis and snowboards.

2. Snowshoeing & Hiking. Yes, you probably understood it by then, this is something we LOVE. Even in the winter, it is a lot of paths that are possible and the snow coat reveals wonderful landscapes. Bring a sledge for the way down ;-) Snowshoes can also allow you to explore more remote and wild places. We will be happy to guide you on one of our snowshoeing adventures!

3. Chasing the northern lights. Every evening, from November to March,  there is a possibility to see the famous northern lights. The show is always different, often there and sometimes surprisingly intense and long. Consider staying at least a week to increase your chances of spotting them. You will need (among others) good weather to see them!

4. Ice-skating. At the inside rig or better, outside on a frozen lake when the conditions are good. Yes, Narvik is one of those places where the temperatures can be cold enough to enjoy that. And there also, we have spots to recommend you!

5. Ice-fishing. Talking about ice, did you know it's possible to fish on a frozen lake? You drill a small hole, puts your fishing rope and then... wait, wait, wait. Patience is the key there, but it's definitely a relaxing activity in the silence of the arctic.

5. Visiting the Polar Park. 45min away from Narvik with the bus is the famous Polar Park where live the species of the arctic. You might have the luck to spot a wild moose during your stay but if not, they're also at the park among with reindeers, lynx, wolves and much more!

6. Enjoying a hot chocolate with a fjord view. Narvik has a gondola that allows you to reach 656 meters above sea level in just a few minutes! There, the view is... amazing. You have to come and see it for yourself. We love to share a waffle and hot drink there.

7. Discovering the battle of Narvik. The war museum in the very center of the city is great and definitely worth the visit.
Jumping in the fjord. Alright, that one is for the more adventures ones. But it's a full restart for your body and your mind. One of the stuff you have to do once in your life ;-)

9. Dog-sledding. Close to Narvik are several options of dog-sledding. It is even possible to be picked up right at your hotel if needed. And yes, that's something you absolutely want to try during your stay.

10. Enjoying a waffle on the bonfire. Yessss, that's one of our favorite ones. Going outside in the fresh air, making a fire and just enjoying the norwegian delicacy. What would you put on yours?

We could keep going but we also want to let you be surprised once you get here ;-) 
Feel free to contact us, we're chatty and we'll do our best to advise you and help you out plan the trip of a lifetime here in the arctic!

Looking forward to meeting you :-)

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