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We're chatty so feel free to send us an email or message on whatsapp. Most of the time, we'll answer you within 1 hour.

But maybe the answer to your question is just here? :-)


What is your cancellation policy?

If the cancellation comes from us, you will get full refund (minus transaction fee of 3%) no matter when the cancellation happens. We could decide to cancel because of safety reasons, weather or other.

If the cancellation comes from you:

  • Up to 7 days before departure: you get full refund (minus transaction fee of 3%).

  • Between 1 to 7 days before departure: you get 50% refund.

  • Less than 24 hours before departure: the full amount is due, no refund is possible.

Please note that we have no control over the exchange rate that will be calculated for refunds and are not responsible for any loss incurred.

Do I get a refund if we don't see the northern lights?

The answer is pretty straightforward, no. First because the costs are the same for us whether we see the northern lights or not. Second because there is much more to the tour than just seeing the northern lights. You will learn how to chase them, how to find a good spot, which app to use, how to take pictures and more! Even if we don't see the northern lights... :-) We want to see them as much as you do and we will be giving our best!
It's part of the magic and nobody has control over nature. What we do guarantee you is that we only run tours when we consider there are  chances of spotting them.


What are the chances of seeing the northern lights?

On the overall, the chances are good most nights in Narvik area. We evaluate daily the chances for the evening based on weather forecasts and solar activity reports from the NASA and then decide to run the tour or not. We will share our evaluation honestly with you so feel free to ask us! If we consider chances are very low, we will warn all guests and potentially cancel the tour. You then get a full refund.
Keep in mind that northern lights are a natural phenomenon hard to predict and impossible to control... :-)


What's your success rate?

We're happy to spot the northern lights more than 90% of the time. We believe it is thanks to a thorough evaluation of weather forecasts and solar activity reports by our team. When chances are too low, we prefer not to run the tour so we guarantee you can trust us regarding this. We want to see the lights as much as you do!

Can I borrow warm clothes / shoes?

We are not able to lend clothes or shoes. We strongly recommend you to wear appropriate clothes for your stay in the arctic. All of the activities you will join will be much more enjoyable if you are dressed properly and your stay will be better! We don't recommend joining any of our tour without warm clothes and shoes.

How long is the northern lights tour?

It depends on each night. Some nights we have to drive far (all the way to Abisko in Sweden!) and are back around 1am or later. Other nights we are lucky to have the northern lights very close to Narvik and if we see them early, we could be back before 23:00. We consider there isn't a fixed schedule to follow, every show is unique so flexibility and patience are key to spot the northern lights :-)
We always let you know what's our plan for the evening.

What's the difficulty level of the snowshoeing tour?

No specific level is required, it's completely fine if this is your first time snowshoeing. After a bit of practice, it's pretty much just like regular hiking. You will feel at ease in no time! However, you need to enjoy being active and hiking in order to enjoy the tour fully and be safe. We can adjust the tour and choose a destination that suits your level and desire but you need to be a minimum active. If you have any doubt, please get in touch with us as we need to make sure this is going to be safe for everyone.

Is the tour suitable for kids?

The northern lights tour can be a bit boring and late for young kids. We usually don't accept kids under 8 years old. You know your kids better than us though, so feel free to reach out to chat about it together! Our day tours can be suitable if your kid is active and well dressed, they have a lot of fun playing out in the snow usually! ;-)



We look forward to making memories together!


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