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The Northern Lights Evening

18:30 from Scandic Hotel

1400kr / person

Tour Description

Looking for more than just a one-time northern light chase? We will give you the tools and skills to find the northern lights and take incredible pictures of them.Our goal is that after this trip you will be able to search for the auroras on your own.

We will leave from Scandic Hotel at 18:30 and present the plan for the evening: where we are going and why. If we can, we try to stay in the Narvik area since the best chances to see the northern lights is by being outside under the stars and not in the van.


However, sometimes the weather is better on the other side of the hill. Then the chase is on! The priority goes to the lights and we will go wherever the weather looks best! Sometimes this is all the way to Sweden, sometimes towards Lofoten. Every tour is unique and we will explain all the decisions we take based on the latest weather forecasts and solar activity reports from NASA.

When we find our main spot for the evening we will make a cozy fire to keep warm by and enjoy some traditionally-made waffles, with a typical arctic drink & homemade cake. We will be taking pictures and portraits of you with the northern lights for you to bring home and show you how to use your camera if you have one.

Remember northern lights are a complex natural phenomenon and nobody can guarantee that they will appear. What we do guarantee, is that we only run the tour when we consider that chances are good for the evening (and yes, that means not every night). Get in touch if you want to know the conditions for tonight!


We also commit to making sure the evening is memorable, with or without the lights.

All this in the intimacy of a small group of 8 participants maximum :-)


1400nok per person (700nok for kids between 8 and 12 years old)

Departure from Scandic Hotel in Narvik

Tour starts at 18:30 for 4-7 hours depending on the conditions of the day

2 to 8 guests

Bring with you: Warm clothes, shoes, hat and gloves! Some nights can be cold. Bring your best luck as well!

If you have a camera and tripod, you can also take it with you :-)

Included in the tour

  • Local guide.

  • Transport.

  • Snacks and warm drinks.

  • Waffles over the fire (when conditions allow).

  • All the tools and knowledge needed to spot the lights every night.

  • Pictures and portraits from the evening.

  • Tripods to borrow for your smartphone.

  • Map of spots in Narvik (walking distance) for your other nights here.

  • Support via WhatsApp for the rest of your stay in the arctic.

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