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Multi-activity week at a dogsledding farm

The most complete adventure in the Arctic

TRIP Description

Experience the best of the Norwegian Lapland in an intimate group of 6 guests based on a dog-sledding farm. This week is built to give you the opportunity to explore the arctic and immerse yourself in nature in authentic & various ways.

During the day, we will be snowshoeing, dog-sledding, ice-fishing, making bonfires,

ice-bathing and taking in lots of sightseeing!

At night we will be enjoying local homemade food, doing sauna rituals, playing board games and hunting northern lights!


You will be staying in a wooden, cosy guest house right by the dogyard of 35 friendly huskies. Change of scenery guaranteed and if you are interested in learning more about the traditional lifestyle on a dog-sledding farm,

this is your chance.


3- 9 December 2023 - full
14-20 January 2024 - full

Based at Offtrack Experience dogsledding farm
Øverbygd - in the heart of Norwegian Lapland

Maximum 6 participants

Open to solo travellers, families & friends!

22000nok / person

Included in the tour

  • Transport from & to Bardufoss airport (BDU).

  • Accomodation for 6 nights in a cosy wooden cabin.

  • All meals: 6 breakfast, 6 lunches, 6 dinners. Vegetarians welcome!

  • Experienced guides speaking norwegian, english & french.

  • All activities & the equipment related to them.


Day 1: Arrival at the farm, visit of the dog yard and        northern lights evening.

Once settled in your new home for the week, we will go greet the dogs, give them dinner together and share with you the dynamic of the farm. We will then gather for our own dinner and introduce the week ahead. Then, enjoy a warm cup of tea as we share with you everything you need to know to spot the northern lights during the week. We will be covering all the different factors implied so we can then chase them together all week.


Day 2: Snowshoeing

Get used to your equipment for the day and start heading up the mountain in that fluffy powder! We’re sometimes lucky to spot wildlife: rabbits, foxes and most of all: the moose. After effort comes comfort. When we reach our destination, we will then share a typical arctic lunch by the fire to make you discover the Norwegian winter picnic: hot dogs & fishcakes grilled on a stick! As we head down again, pictures opportunities are endless and the landscapes will leave you breathless. Back home, bake some cinnamon rolls with us while dinner gets ready.

At night, if northern lights are possible, we will be looking out for them together.

Day 3: Dog Sledding

Learn how to handle a team of huskies, and discover what Alaskan huskies are, their origin, their history and of course why we have them today. After a short briefing, we are ready to head out & explore the beautiful surroundings! We will be out on the trail all day, with views on deep forests and majestic mountains. You will drive your own sled in pairs, with a driver and a passenger per sled, and the possibility to switch place regularly. 
At night, if northern lights are possible, we will be looking out for them together.


Day 4: Snowshoeing with a husky

Experience the silence of the forest as we make our way through the pines. Frozen lakes and rivers will pace our day. If you would like, we can have some dogs joining us on the adventure. In the evening, relax by the fire or go on a dogsledding in the forest with headlamps!
At night, if northern lights are possible, we will be looking out for them together.

Day 5: Ice-fishing, ice-climbing, ice-swimming & sauna

Play with the extremes today as we interact with the ice in several ways. Frozen lake & frozen waterfall will be our playground for the day before a well-deserved firewood sauna at the farm.
At night, if northern lights are possible, we will be looking out for them together.


Day 7: Farewells to the farm

Enjoy a leisurely morning and breakfast before packing your bags and saying goodbye to your new friends, dogs & humans 🙂 
We will be driving you back to Bardufoss airport.

Day 6: Snowshoeing with fjord views

Today, we add some fjord views to the game! We will be heading towards the coast and making our way up a little ridge to a wonderful, glass cabin. There, we will be making a fire and cooking some lunch while we let the incredible views soak in. As we’re heading down and then back to the farm, let’s keep an eye out on the sky for northern lights!

Please note that the following program is subject to change depending on the weather conditions at the time.

We are always choosing the best suitable day for each activity so days can be interchangeable.

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